Fish Alphabet Book

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From salmon to swordfish, mahi-mahi mahi to marlin, the Fish Alphabet swimmingly presents some of the most iconic catches in the world. Reel in young readers hook, line, and sinker while teaching them everything they need to tell fish tales of their own.

About the Author

Beck Feiner is an acclaimed Australian illustrator and author. She illustrates with a vibrancy and a joie de vivre that is infectious, while tackling subject matter that is poignant and ‘of the moment’ - but always with a smile. Her first book - Aussie Legends Alphabet - an enormous hit in Australia, was the catalyst for the creation of the Alphabet Legends publishing house.

Beck established herself in the United States with the best seller Lady Legends Alphabet, and has since followed this up with a catalogue of over 50 hit titles. Under the Alphabet Legends brand, Beck has released titles about music and sport. Titles about art, food, dance, and religion. Titles that celebrate equality, diversity and freedom. And even titles about cult film and television. Beck continues to create a suite of new titles each year, growing the reach and reputation of the brand. Her north star is simple: Inspiring kids is as easy as ABC.

Alphabet Legends is an independent, family-run publishing business that produces a unique library of alphabet books and educational toys. It’s our ambition, that each and every Alphabet Legend’s title will educate, motivate and inspire, while helping parents connect and bond with their children over subjects they love. By shining a spotlight on legendary people who have helped shape our world, the egalitarian values we champion are simple and plain to see. Whether a child – or parent – is into sport, history, equality, or the arts, Alphabet Legends has an ever-growing library of titles to suit everyone.