Senger Drake

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These adorable  Warming Pillows are covered with soft organic cotton to nourish a child's senses.

Exquisitely handcrafted in Germany, this sweet floppy drake comes in two sizes:

  • The Small Drake contains a removable thermal pillow filled with cherry stones, hidden inside a zippered pocket that helps ease sleeplessness and tummy aches when gently warmed.
  • The Large Drake contains a removable insert filled with pure natural spelt, and will be a faithful companion that older children will love to carry everywhere!

To warm, simply remove the insert and place it in an oven set to a low temperature (do not microwave). The cherry pit insert of the small drake can also be cooled in a freezer to help ease teething pain. Instructions are included.  

Toddlers and older children will be comforted using either drake as a cuddly bed warmer on cold winter nights and love to carry this floppy drake around by its long neck!

Both sizes are dust-free and washable.

  • SIZE : Small Drake is 15" long; Large Drake is 31" long
  • MATERIALS : Organic cotton (outer body) and organic wool (neck)
  • FILLED WITH: Natural cherry stones (Small Drake) or spelt (Large Drake)
  • CARE : Hand wash; lay flat to dry; do not microwave
  • ORIGIN : Handmade in Germany